Improvements to B4 Farm LLC Property in Last 5 Years


*Made a Caterers kitchen out of a sign shop/storage building, with stove, hood vent, refrigerator & 3 hole sink



New electrical service added for barn

*All new electric ran for barn, 32 outlets in main venue, lights and outlets in storage rooms, bride room, groom room and bathrooms

New septic system to large barn venue

Poured concrete footer in front and back of barn

6000 sq ft of concrete in venue

40 yds of new concrete for courtyard

Walkway with stairs added for bride 

Walkway with retaining wall added with french drain on side of barn after tree removal

Over 20 loads of dirt brought in to bring up elevation of front of barn

Opened up barn by removing 14 cow stalls and large hay loft

Replaced all vertical posts in barn with 32 ft new posts and added horizontal beams for structure strength

*Caterers counter & sink in venue with filtered drinking water & power

*Six sets of large barn doors built, stained/painted and added to barn with tracks

Added spray foam insulation in both sides of barn

*Built bride room and groom room with new electrical and fixtures

*Added split units (AC/Heat) to bride room groom room and bathrooms

*Built a two stall women's bathroom/handicap accessible

*Built a men's bathroom with handicap stall, urinal & shower

*Storage added for décor with sliding barn door

*Storage added for chairs, tables & benches with sliding barn door

*Edison (LED) bulbs added to ceiling of barn

West end of barn ALL NEW wood and trim

Replaced old rusty nails in roof with roofing screws

Repaired all cupolas

*Two propane lines ran for two firepits, one in barn, one in courtyard

Flower beds added to front of barn 

*Flower bed added to corner of front lawn

*Sconces added to front and back of barn

*Handicapped parking added with railroad ties

*Vendor reserved parking added with railroad ties

*13 whiskey barrels with drainage stones, dirt and flowers

*Added sump-pump in side walkway by bride door

*Added spigot to side walkway and front of barn



*Additional bedroom and living space in basement of home 2018

*Additional storage added in basement with heavy shelves 2018

*Updated master bath in home 2021

New larger HVAC unit added to home 2015



Driveway put in off of Iverson Road with drainage tube 2015

*Made a “hay cover” into a two stall horse barn with a tack room 2018

*Ran power and water to new horse barn 2018

*Ran power and water out to the far pasture behind the mobile home

Added gravel in driveways

*Ran water to venue


* Owners did the work themselves