The Beck Barn Wedding Contract

The Bride and Groom need to initial each paragraph below, fill in the blanks in the first paragraph and last page then sign and date. 


_____   _____ We are renting The Beck Barn wedding venue on ______________, 20­____, for a wedding ceremony and reception.  We understand that the rental fee for that day is $____________.  One half of that amount is due with this signed contract in order to reserve our date.  That rental fee is for the use of The Beck Barn from 9:00 am till 11:00 pm(12:00 pm till 10:00 pm for the Elopement Package with only 50 guest).  We will not exceed 200 total guests (including the bridal party) in The Beck Barn.

­­­_____   _____ We understand that to secure our wedding date, a non-refundable, "hold-the-date" fee of ½ of the wedding venue total must be paid by calling 828-305-5454 or by check, made out to The Beck Barn and mailed to 732 Crowe Dairy Rd., Forest City, NC 28043.  The remainder of the balance is due two months prior to the wedding day.  If this date passes and the balance is not paid, The Beck Barn reserves the right to cancel the event and will retain the "hold-the-date" fee. 

_____   _____ We understand that a damage deposit, of $500.00 will be required to be paid one month prior to the wedding and will be refunded, if nothing is missing or no damage is found to the buildings, property, or décor items, within two weeks of the wedding.

_____   _____ We understand that we are responsible for the actions of ourselves and our guests while renting  The Beck Barn venue. 

_____   _____ We understand that if a pandemic causes The Beck Barn to completely close, due to an Executive Order, we will be offered a reschedule date up to one year of our wedding date (including the month of the wedding) with no increase in the rental or be offered a refund less $500 administration fee. 


_____   _____ We agree to obtain event liability insurance (also known as "day-of-insurance) and will provide proof of that insurance no later than two months prior to our wedding day.  We will purchase an event liability policy for the day of our event in the amount of $1,000,000.00 and list The Beck Barn as the additionally insured.  We can obtain such a policy at or or a through a company of our choice.  

_____   _____ We are responsible for scheduling a caterer, making sure that they have liability insurance and will provide The Beck Barn with a copy of this insurance policy, no later than two months prior to the wedding.  The caterers (or the wedding party, if necessary) are responsible for the cleanup of the food serving area and Honey House/caterers building.  If these areas are not cleaned up, an additional fee of $250 will be charged and taken out of the damage deposit. 


_____   _____ We understand that The Beck Barn is a marijuana-free property and we do not permit smoking of any kind inside the barn, groom room, bride room, rest rooms, storage rooms or Honey House/caterer building.  If there is evidence of any smoking inside any of the buildings, there will be a $500 cleaning fee charged.  Smoking of cigarettes, cigars, vaping or e-cigarettes is permitted outdoors at the designated smoking areas which are away from the barn.  PLEASE use caution while smoking outside and dispose of cigarette butts and cigars in containers provided. 

_____   _____ We understand we may only use non-damaging hooks such as Command Hooks to suspend décor.  No tacks, nails, thumbtacks, screws, staples, glue guns, tape, putty or anything else that penetrates the walls, doors, barn doors, columns or ceiling is permitted.  (There are numerous hooks and nails already in place for you to use.)

_____   _____ We understand that the gentle use of the items in the “Wedding Décor” package is included in the price of the venue rental and these items cannot be removed from the property.  An inventory of items used will take place within two weeks of the wedding by The Beck Barn staff, if there are any missing or damaged items, the cost of replacing them will come out of the damage deposit.  We understand that any additional items brought in by the venue renters will have to be approved by the owners of The Beck Barn. 

_____   _____ We understand that The Beck Barn prefers you to use flame-less candles, but the use of candles will be allowed, IF they are never left unattended and have a glass container higher than the flame!   We (or our decorator) must provide the glass containers.  We understand that any of these items will have to be approved by the owners of The Beck Barn. 

_____   _____ We understand that we must get the prior approval of our flower girl and the bride and groom’s “farewell” items.  NO helium balloons, confetti, glitter, party string, fire lanterns, fireworks, etc., inside or outside of venue.  However, sparklers are allowed if only used outside of the barn and extinguished in a bucket of water.  The guests must stay a minimum of 10 ft from the barn with lit sparklers!  The Beck Barn will provide a bucket of water, but all used and unused sparklers are the responsibility of the renters of the venue to pick up and dispose of.  All “farewell” items must be approved by The Beck Barn owners.   

_____   _____ We understand that any damages to the property and/or equipment will result in an additional charge which will be deducted from the damage deposit.  If the damage deposit of $500 is not enough to cover the damage then you will be billed for the balance. 

_____   _____ We understand that we may bring our own wine, beer, alcohol or signature drink, as The Beck Barn does not provide or sell alcohol.  We understand ANY alcohol consumed during the reception MUST  be served by an insured bartender or a drink catering company.  The wedding guests are NOT permitted to bring in or consume their own alcohol anywhere on The Beck Barn property and it is our responsibility to make sure that this does not happen!   No minors under the age of 21 may be served any alcohol.  Alcohol service cannot exceed 6 hours.  No alcohol can be served or consumed past 10:00 pm (9:00 pm for the Elopement Package).  By serving alcohol at our event, we assume responsibility for any damages, injury, etc., due to consumption.  Proof of insured bartender has to be provided to The Beck Barn two months prior to our wedding.

_____   _____ We understand that the owners and/or staff of The Beck Barn reserve the right to deny service of alcohol to any guest that is suspected to be intoxicated.  The owners and/or staff reserve the right to deny admittance to any guest we feel may cause harm to himself/herself or others or damage the venue.  The owners and/or staff also reserve the right to evict anyone using offensive, profane or threatening language to the owners/staff or other guests, public drunkenness, fighting or threatening to fight, canvassing, soliciting and peddling. 

_____   _____ We understand that the B4 Farm LLC, dba The Beck Barn, is a working farm and we and our guests will hold its owners and/or staff harmless against all demands, suits, judgments, settlements, claims, damages to persons and/or property, fines, liens, losses and other liabilities, including responsible attorneys’ fees arising out of or in any way related to the event, including claims for loss of damage to any property or for death or injury to any individual.   

_____   _____ We understand that the “quiet hour” cut-off music (provided by a band, stereo or DJ) is at 10:00 pm, (9:00 pm for the Elopement Package) and that guests and caterers will not stay on property past 11:00 pm, (10:00 pm for the Elopement Package) out of respect to The Beck Barn neighbors. 

_____   _____ We understand that we are responsible to ensure that the venue is left in the same condition in which it was found.  All decorations, flowers, cardboard, sparklers, trash in the main venue, backdrops, coolers, props, etc. will be removed at the end of our booked time, no later than 11:00 pm (10:00 for the Elopement Package).  All trash will need to be bagged in the trash bags provided and put in the dumpster outside the Honey House/caterers building.  NO CARDBOARD will be put in the dumpster, all cardboard has to go with the pe3rson who brought it.  The Beck Barn will provide the cleaning of the venue after the event, except the bar/caterer’s area and the Honey House/caterers building, which is the responsibility of the bartender, the caterers or the person responsible for providing the food for the event.  If excessive cleaning to the venue is needed, then it will result in an additional charge and will be taken out of the damage deposit. 

_____   _____ We understand that we need a designated person to be the "point of contact" before, during and after the event in case needed by a guest or The Beck Barn owner/staff.  This contact person will also be the person that does the walk through with the owner/staff of The Beck Barn after the event is over to ensure that the barn is left in proper order.  This person will be the key person to handle the following, this includes but is not limited to questions, emergencies, disorderly conduct, drunkenness, unsupervised children, etc.  

_____   _____ We understand that children need to be accompanied by an adult AT ALL TIMES and will inform our guests of this rule.  If we think this will be a problem, we will hire a sitter for the children during the ceremony and reception.  We understand that there are many areas on our farm where unattended children could get hurt, and will not hold the owners and/or staff liable. 


_____  ______ We understand that dogs are allowed at the ceremony site and in the main venue only and will be ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES!   We are responsible for letting our guests know that NO AMIMALS are not allowed in the restrooms, bride room, groom room or the Honey House/caterer building.  If animals go into the restricted areas, there will be an additional cleaning charge of $250 and it will be taken our of the security deposit.  


By initialing each of the above statements and signing below, we confirm our desire to rent The Beck Barn venue for our wedding and agree to the terms and agreements as set forth above. 



Your event date is NOT confirmed until we have received this signed contract and your deposit for ½ of the venue rental price. 



Bride’s Signature                                             Groom’s Signature


______________________________        _________________________________

Date:                                                                  Date:

_______________                                          _______________





Thank you so much, and we look forward to working with you!

Jeff and Kindra Beck

You may download the contract with the PDF link below, then print, sign and either mail or email it back to me.

Thank you!

Kindra Beck

732 Crowe Dairy Road, Forest City, NC 28043     828-305-5454

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